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Articles & News
Social economics movement
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Director of marketing)

The world is getting wired all over again like never before! it's the age of connection and from offline to online where we connect and communicate and back to offline in to the real world! Sharing economy empowers people to do more with what they have and get what they want when they need it. Its nice talk by Brian Chesky about this new way of commerce.

Mark Cuban And Kevin O'Leary Invest In Online Toy Rental Service Toygaroo
Publisher: Rip Empson (TechCrunch.com)

In the most recent Shark Tank-isode, co-founder and chief executive of Toygaroo (http://www.toygaroo.com), Nikki Pope, pitched her startup to the panel of honchos, hoping for big-time investment. Toygaroo, the self-labeled “Netflix for toys”, is an online toy rental service in which parents can sign up for and choose a “wish list” of toys that are then sent to their home, played with by their kids, before being returned to Toygaroo via a FedEx box. Before you start shuddering, the toys are, of course, cleaned and sanitized before being shipped.

TurningArt Raises $750K To Be The Netflix For Artwork
Publisher: Leena Rao (Techcrunch.com)

TurningArt, a startup that aims bring a Netflix-like model to the art world, has secured $750,000 in seed funding led by NextView Ventures with participation from Niraj Shah, Steve Conine, Thomas Lehrman, and Will Herman.

Launched in August 2010, TurningArt allows customers to rotate prints of contemporary artists in their home or office for as little as $9.99 per month. Similar to the way you pick movies on your Netflix account, customers can build a queue of artwork they’d like ‘rent’, and TurningArt will then ship that artwork at their preferred frequency.

Best Buy Introduces Rent-A-Center
Publisher: Yi Chen (Writer)

Best Buy in the U.S. will be trialling a rent-to-own program for electronics in partnership with Rent-A-Center. Rent-A-Center will set up kiosks in Best Buy stores that will offer rental plans to consumers who can’t afford to pay for the item and don’t meet Best Buy’s credit standards or for those customers who can’t afford to pay for the item in one go.

Collaborative consumption - Interview with Rachel Botsman live Q&A
Publisher: Rosie Bristow (for the Guardian Professional Network http://www.guardian.co.uk/)

The advancement of sustainability goes hand-in-hand with innovation in products and services and the way consumption takes place. Collaborative consumption is one such innovative concept that has captured imaginations.

So where are the opportunities for business to become part of the collaborative trend and think strategically about how to shift their business models? Where is the collaborative consumption trend going? What are the barriers to consumers and businesses adopting more collaborative attitudes to consumption?

To explore these, and other, questions we are delighted that Rachel Botsman will be joining us for an interactive online Q&A on Tuesday 14 June from 9-10am (BST). Rachel is a social innovator who writes, consults and speaks on the power of collaboration and sharing through current and emerging network technologies, including how it will transform business, consumerism and the way we live. She is the author of the influential book 'What's Mine is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption'. TIME magazine recently called collaborative consumption "one of the 10 ideas that will change the world."

"How to" for your rental business
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Director of marketing)

Every time a new customer coming to our company we trust into his idea. We are always open to hear something new and share our own experience. There is so much different successful companies around the world which simple build a huge business just based on rental. We would like to share with you so more news about how this type of business business will grow in the future and what is the upcoming trends in this industry.

Participation in Lviv Ecommerce Forum
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Director of marketing)

On May, 21 representatives of our company will participate in the event called Lviv Ecommerce Forum which is dedicated to online stores and businesses providing online services. This time we are going to do a report on the online rental business.

BagTropolis.com featured at DailyFinance, TodayMoney
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Director of marketing)

One of our rental projects was featured at top news sites during this month. You may read whole article about BagTropolis at DailyFinance and TodayMoney.

PRWeb: New Website, SmartyRents.com, Provides Educational Video Games for Rent
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Director of marketing)

SmartyRents.com is a new solution for parents looking for an alternative to expensive video games for their child’s educational game system. SmartyRents allows parents to rent games from eight game systems, including Little Leaps, Clickstart, Leapster, Didj, V.Smile Baby, V.Smile, V.Motion, and V.Flash.

BookMob.ca - featured at Financial Post
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Director of marketing)

Great news from our partner mr. Brad Dolan - founder of BookMob.ca: Canada's leader of textbook rentals. Within couple of months since start of operations service become really popular between students. About 1000 funs/followers at Facebook and Twitter and still growing community. Interview about this business with mr. Dolan at Financial Post:  Student money: Don’t buy textbooks, rent

UK and Ireland video games rental business for sale - special quick sale price!
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Director of marketing)

Our team would like to announce about one pretty interesting deal for a someone who is trying to establish a video game rental business in Ireland/UK. One of our customer due to personal reasons would like to sale a business including inventory, customers, application. Please review details and contact our team at info@w3rent.com in order to get more information about this offer.

Giving a Better Experience to Our Customers
Publisher: Dmytro Nesterov (Marketing Department Officer)

Our team never stops striving to improve our customers’ experience with our DVD and video games rental system. We are currently researching the possibility of implementation of a new collaborating filtering algorithm called Slope One for the future W3Rent™ software versions.

Our Customers News: Video Games Industry Fair in Israel
Publisher: Dmytro Nesterov (Marketing Department Officer)

We are very much happy to know that out clients for whom we have built online rental platforms spare no efforts to make their business more successful and popular in their countries. This is their success and popularity which determine our team’s success and the level of our clients’ confidence in knowing they are receiving high quality products from W3Rent™ in the first place.

Our Clients' Success Is Our Inspiration
Publisher: Dmytro Nesterov (Marketing Department Officer)

We feel very much proud and excited about our clients' success which was achieved to some extent due to websites designed and developed by our company. It is even more exciting when the success and the uniqueness of our clients’ business are discussed on TV alongside with showing the website created by us.

Turning Loyal Customers into Friends and Partners
Publisher: Dmytro Nesterov (Marketing Department Officer)

It is always good to acquire new customers. And it is also very good when old customers remain loyal and even are willing to further strengthen relationships. The W3Rent™ team is very lucky to have such customers which tells a lot about the quality of our services and our ability to create a reliable foundation for the online rental business which enables quick ROI and further business profitability.

Gaining Leverage from the Second Open Regional Software Development Conference at the DSEA
Publisher: Dmytro Nesterov (Marketing Department Officer)

The Donbass State Engineering Academy in Kramatorsk opens its doors again for IT specialist from Kramatorsk and the neighboring cities to participate in the Second Open Regional Software Development Conference. It is a great honor for the representatives of the W3Rent™ team to be invited to take part in the Conference and to share their experience of more that 10 years of activity in the field of international web design, development and programming business. W3Rent™ is a part of the bigger QuartSoft team which also unites departments engaged in web design, web development, logo and graphic design, custom illustrations design.

W3Rent™ represents the video rental system at the “Web Conference 2009” at DSMBA
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief marketing officer)

For about 4 years of its history W3Rent™ has acquired reach experience of establishing and running a web design and IT company.

Our team was invited to take part in the Web Conference 2009 held at Donbass State Machine Building Academy to represent the W3Rent™ video rental system and discuss some technical details with different web developers. We are going to explain the processes related with the rental business and offer the online training for everyone who may be interested in more information.

The Web Conference 2009 will be held on March, 26. Please, come visit this event at 10:00 am. Our team is looking forward to meeting you there!

A New DVD Rental System Project Started
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief marketing officer)

Our company started a new adult DVD rental project. This time our DVD rental system will be designed for one of our US customers.

Our long experience with such systems will enable our team to provide the attractive design and the comprehensive functionality of the system within a short period of time.

Gamenet - new video game rental service in Australia
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief marketing officer)

Our company has started to build up another video game rental system GameNet Pty. We anticipate that the project will be rather interesting and look forward to developing it further.

New Project Started for Video Game Rental System
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief marketing officer)

Our company has started to build up another video game rental system TheGamezHut. We anticipate that the project will be rather interesting and look forward to developing it further.

As a part of the project we are going to implement Amazon API for the UK region.

New exclusive four months contract signed - video game rental and social network
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief marketing officer)

Our company has signed another contract for exclusive re-development of the GameMine video game rental service. GameMine is one of the largest video game rental services providers in the USA. A lot of features will be designed specially for GameMine which are likely to be useful for the video gamers community.

Two More Customers on Board
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief marketing officer)

Our company has signed two new contracts for design and development of the web site dedicated to the video game rental services for GameDizzy Inc and for transferring the dvd rental website owned by Kineticflix Inc. to our rental platform.

Demo Access to Our Online Rental Software
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief marketing officer)

We are always happy to provide the demo version of our system for you to get acquainted with its functionalities. Please contact our team in order to get the demo access so that you could check all available features and try them at no cost.

Our company will be able to schedule the review of the system with you at time convenient for you.

Merry Christmas!
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief marketing officer)

Dear customers,

Let me wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year on behalf of the QuartSoft™ and W3Rent™ team. We wish success in your business and all the best to your families. We look forward to continuing our work on improvement of our products next year. Our company specialists will do their best to keep you satisfied with our online dvd and video game rental system, technical support and service.

Research and Markets: Examine How the Online Segment Drives the Worldwide Movie Rental Market - Providing Major Competitor Profiles, Industry Trends and Current Issues
Publisher: Laura Wood (Senior Manager)

The advent of digital entertainment has changed the face of the movie rental industry. The outlook of traditional video stores has changed by adopting new technologies which help in efficient inventory management and store operations. The online DVD rental industry is driving movie rental services. The movie rental market is a part of the home entertainment industry, which is again sub-categorized into the physical movie rental market and the digital movie rental market.

Our partner - 2-Way Mailers For Sending and Returning DVD, CDs, Video Games - 2WayDVD Inc
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief marketing officer)

In case you are going to start your own rental business you have to send inventory to your customers. Our company would like to introduce 2WayDVD Inc. – this is really great choice for custom mailers: 2-Way Mailers For Sending and Returning DVD/CD's using First Class Postage Rates!

Wholesale DVD, Video Games, CD distributors - First Video Exchange
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief marketing officer)

First Video Exchange is happy to be the source of the most sought after DVD titles for video retailers nationwide. From the hottest new releases, to high quality, guaranteed previously viewed titles...to entire store inventories... WE HAVE IT ALL

Wholesale DVD, Video Games, CD distributors - Mountain View Movies
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief marketing officer)

Are you looking for inventory for your rental business? We found some information which hopefully will help anyone who’s trying to start rental business.

Online DVD rental system - new project for South Africa
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief marketing officer)

W3Rent™ marketing department has signed a new contract for development of new online DVD rental system in South Africa.

We are happy to know that our customers come to our company from different locations and continents.

It’s really a good decision to start a DVD or video game rental system as according to our analysis there will be a considerable increase of online rentals all over the world and especially in Arabic, Europe, Asia and Africa regions the next year.

Rental Business for SALE!
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief marketing officer)

Dear Customers,

Our company works with rental business and always does its best to be helpful even after a project being completed.

This is not only the case with technical support but also we care about human relations and that’s why dealing with our company your request will never remain unnoticed and our team will be happy to help you with anything we can cope with.

Now we would like to help one of our clients to sell the rental business including existing customers, inventory etc. Please see more details and we will be happy to provide contact information of our client in case of your interest.

New project starting: book rental service
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief marketing officer)

W3Rent™ has signed a contract for book rental software development for Hebrew community. The project goes to Canada and that’s the second time our company performs such services.

All our team will spare no effort to make sure the project and the business will run successfully.

Pacificflix - a new contract and new friends
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief marketing officer)

We are happy to announce that we have got a new order to develop DVD rental software for PacificFlix business.

PACIFICFLIX.com is a highly personalized dynamic home entertainment service, offering you membership to a huge DVD library.

Special pricing - Labor Day holiday discounts
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief marketing officer)

Our team congratulates everyone who celebrates Labor Day. We would like to announce a short 10% discount period by the end of this week.

Please, contact our team to get complete information about DVD rental system, video rental software, video game rental system.

Video game rental system - two more contracts signed
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief marketing officer)

W3Rent™ has signed a contract for video game rental system development. The first tender for development of the online video game rental system Digumz in Kuwait and the second project Igamespr is dedicated for Puerto Rico.

We look forward to working with the new customers and will be happy to provide the best possible services.

New project: car rental software
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief marketing officer)

W3Rent™ is going to extend the business in the next few months with other rental products. At this point we are working on car rental and leasing service software. The first release of the system will be announced in our site.

If you are interested in this software you can contact our team and we will send you the link to the demo system via e-mail.

Starting a video rental business
Publisher: Scott Allen (http://entrepreneurs.about.com/mbiopage.htm)

A reader writes:
I am talking with some friends about opening a convenience sort of store. In addition to everything else we want to rent a small, but good selection of DVD's and Videos. Someone we spoke with said we could just go to our local record/video store, buy them and then rent them. I don't think this is true and that we need some sort of license to do this. What do you say?

Rental store owners community: rental business questions and answers
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief marketing officer)

Dear Clients!

W3Rent™ team always does its best to help you in any matter. Unfortunately, sometimes your questions are related to local laws or other specific details. We would like to ask our former customers and new visitors of our site whether they would like to establish communication with each other. Do you want to unite into a community with the help of W3Rent™?

Two more projects accepted
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief Marketing Officer)

We are pleased to inform that W3Rent™ has signed new contracts with customers to develop design for a toy rental website and a DVD/book/game rental website.

W3Rent™ opened for new developers
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief Marketing Officer)

We are happy to announce that new developers will join our team from June 23. From this time all our clients can be sure in even more efficient and prompt help at any time since we will employ 26 developers / designers and XHTML coders to work on projects.

Online DVD Rental or Pay-Per-View
Publisher: John Hinkley (Ezine Articles)

The newer system of online DVD rental has its upsides and downsides. This arrangement is for avid movie fans. In this system you more often than not do not pay for each DVD but instead pay a monthly fee for the DVD delivery service.

May, 29 - June, 9 business trip to Budapest, Hungary
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief Marketing Officer)

We would like to inform our former clients and new site visitors that a part of the W3Rent™ team will be unavailable from May, 30 till June, 9. We'll prevent any delays in current projects and we will try to prevent any delays in communication with the clients interested in our online DVD rental system and video game rental software.

Industry Sector: Video Rental Market research
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief Marketing Officer)

DVD rental has now become more popular than rentals of videos - the term 'video rental' and 'video' includes DVD rental and DVD.

Please remember there are a number of things to consider when you make your estimates, depending on the type of business you are planning.

Industry Sector: Video Rental - Buy an existing business
Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief Marketing Officer)

You have decided that you want to run a video rental business - now decide how you will achieve this. Will you:

  • buy an existing business or
  • start up a new business from a scratch?

  • The way you choose will affect the costs you will incur and may also affect how soon you start to receive income from the venture.

    Help starting a video rental store
    Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief Marketing Officer)

    If you are at the very early stages of researching what is required to open a video store or online video rental site - such article will help you to get information from person who have already opened the store. What area are you in and thinking of opening your store? What is the competition in the area? Do you have any ideas that would make your store/service unique? Find out some useful info and join the discussion.

    Movie Rentals Today - Online Renting, Downloads, and More
    Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (from Rastergang.com)

    Many people all over the world prefer to view movies at home than in the cinemas. This leads to an increase in sales for movie rentals and DVD sales alike. Movie downloading is also becoming popular due to a demand in watching any flick you might want to view any time convenient for you.

    W3Rent™ implemented video game rental solution in Slovenia
    Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief Marketing Officer)

    Another country appeared on W3Rent™ project map. This time a new video game rental service was started in Slovenia (Igromat.si). We hope the system will grow up and the customers will be happy with the rental services.

    Two more rental systems launched
    Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief Marketing Officer)

    We are proud to inform that 2 more sites have been launched recently. Movie rental software with the pay per item business model (Avnac, USA) and DVD rental system with the membership subscription business model (VideoLineDVD, Hawaii).

    May Day holiday with W3Rent™ (photos)
    Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief Marketing Officer)

    We really care about our employees. Our main vision is that we have to take care about our team and they will take care about the company. That’s why we have a good tradition to spend the May day holiday together: some meat and wine – that’s a really hot and fun time in spring.

    Now is the Time for Online DVD Rental
    Publisher: Christopher Luck (Ezine Articles)

    Is it a good time to get into online DVD rental? I wonder because there are so many out there. Companies seem to come out every day with a new online DVD rental program. However, the way I look at it, this is a great time to get in the game as a consumer.

    W3Rent™ signed a new contract for video game rental software development
    Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief Marketing Officer)

    We are pleased to inform that W3Rent™ has signed a new contract for video game rental software development for VideoGames Inc. (Brazil). We sincerely hope for long-term and successful partnership with this company.

    DVD Rental Software
    Publisher: Josh Riverside (Ezine Articles)

    Are you currently running a DVD rental store? Do you want to make your business run more smoothly? DVD rental software might be of a big help to you. These software and DVD rental applications will help you generate more structured rental plans for your customers.

    New W3Rent™ website created
    Publisher: Paul Ryazanov (Chief Marketing Officer)

    Thanks to everyone in our team - it was really hard to spare time and start a new website with a new interface. We hope you will enjoy our promo page and provide us with your suggestions concerning our site contents, usability etc.

    Please note, we are working on improvements and are planning to add more information to our portfolio page, describe features with more details in the features section.

    How to win the online DVD rental battle
    Publisher: Philip Scott (This is Money.co.uk)

    For those not bothered about the European Championship this summer, or indeed individuals not too optimistic about the weather, it might be worth checking out the flurry of offers available from online DVD rental outfits.

    Whether you are a UK cineaste, who knows their Mike Leighs from their McG's, or just a light film viewer, there is no shortage of online DVD rental outfits to choose from.

    DVD Rental on the Internet
    Publisher: Cedric Price (Ezine Articles)

    We all know the age old scheme of renting DVDs from the local DVD rental store. But this belongs in the past now as the Internet has completely remodeled the DVD rental business. DVD rental has gone online and with the advent of the Internet, there is just no limit to what you can get. Now, you can rent a DVD without having to leave the comfort of you home, just register at some of the dvd rental websites. Thousands of people are signing up to rent movies online every day. NetFlix is actually the company that started this, back in 1999. Now they have a movie collection with more than 60,000 titles. Blockbuster.com is the other major competitor in the DVD rental business with more than 70,000 titles available.

    Tips For Starting A DVD Rental Business In San Diego
    Publisher: Alexander Gordon (EzineArticles.com Expert Author)

    This is one business that, with relatively low investment of say $70,000, can bring in profits of $150,000 to $250,000 if under good management. Estimate the start-up costs and be certain that the necessary funds are available. It will be better if you give your business a legal identity of its own, as it offers you limited liability protection. Select an appropriate name and register it. Insurance, required licenses and permits have to be researched and procured. Hire an attorney to help you with the process if necessary.


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